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The visit of I- Shou university Tai wan to Cuu Long college.

 In the afternoon of 14 January, 2011  Mr. Jih Rong Yen Vice-President visited and had a discussion with the  board of managers of Cuu Long College. Ph.D Shih-Chieh Hsieh, Director of International Relations office, Mrs. Jolin, Y.L.Wang, Vice Director of International Relations office of I- Shou have also attended in the visit. Dr. Trần Quoc Trang, Vice President, has presented for Long An University.

More than one hundred teachers and students of Nursing department welcomed the delegation. Mr Vice President introduced about I-Shou University and Higher Education Inter Programmers in order to transfer students of Cuu Long Colleges to I-shou University

 I-Shou University (Nghia Thu university) has modern studying environments with   international standard. The University implements training business, combines

education and career plentifully . I- Shou University, belongs to Nghia Liên corporation, develops in production, medicine, education, real estate and leisure facility.

 According to Spanish committee research of university ranks in 2010, I-shou university is ranked the 555th  in the world, the 54th in Asia, the 9th in Tawan and the 1st among Taiwanese private universities.

 I- Shou university has 7 Institutions including:

  • Institution of Electromechanics Information

  • Institution of Sciences and Technology

  • Institution of  Management

  • Institution of languages and Communication

  • Institution of Medicine

  • Institution of International Relations

  • Institution of Broadcasting and Designs.

During the visit, students of Nursing asked more than 20 questions about Higher Education  Inter  Nursing program into I-Shou University. Mr. Vice President of I-Shou University answered clearly and in details about related knowledge, requirement language, Fees, Financial Aid, Semesters, courses, and degree…

 Then, Mr. Vice President of I-Shou, Vice rector of Long An University, and Rector of Cuu Long College have dealt with the following initial corporative programs:

  • I-Shou university will support Chinese teachers to help Cuu Long College to organize Chinese classes from 6 to 9 months for students who wants to study at I-Shou University.

  • I-Shou University corporates with Long An university and Cuu Long college  will recruit graduated Nursing students from other colleges to study abroad in the inter programs at I-Shou university. The study duration lasts 3 years, begins from the 2nd year. The cost will be approaching 15 USD for 3 years. Long an University will  propose permission from Ministry of Education and Training for corporation program.

 In July, 2011 I-Shou University offers 5 scholarship to Nursing studtents of Cuu long college to join one-week International Student festival in Taiwan. I-Shou University offers Accommodation and eating fee. Students or Cuu Long College pay airplane ticket      





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